Comprehensive Retirement Planning


Our unique method of Goals-Based Retirement Planning is designed specifically to help you identify and accomplish your most important goals and dreams for retirement, and for life. Achieving these goals requires advice well beyond simply selecting investments and earning returns.

Because Retirement Planning is Our Specialty, we are well positioned to provide you the broad advice and guidance needed for creating a succesful, fulfilling and happy retirement future.

  1. When Can I Retire?
  2. How Much Do I Need Saved to Retire?
  3. Am I On Track With Saving What I Need?
  4. How Much Retirement Income Will I Really Need?
  5. How Do I Safely Maximize the Income My Portfolio Can Provide?
  6. How Do I Ensure I Won’t Run Out of Money?
  7. How Do I Best Balance Protecting vs. Growing My Wealth?
  8. Should My Investment Mix Change When Near or In Retirement?
  9. When Should I Start Social Security?
  10. How Do I Prepare for Potentially Large Medical Costs?
  • Greater Clarity of Purpose
  • Better Alignment of Assets To Goals
  • Decreased Stress & Emotional Decision-Making
  • Improved Portfolio Risk Management
  • Opportunity for Increased Wealth
  • Closer & More Effective Client-Advisor Relationship
  • Increased Potential for Fulfillment & Happiness
  1. Goals & Dreams Identification
  2. Social Security Analysis
  3. Pension Benefits Analysis
  4. Savings Sufficiency Analysis
  5. Lifetime Retirement Spending Forecast
  6. Detailed Retirement Income Sourcing Plan
  7. Portfolio Drawdown Strategy
  8. Comprehensive Risk Tolerance Assessment
  9. Detailed Analysis of Existing Portfolio
  10. Portfolio Stress Test & Lifetime Wealth Forecast
  11. Portfolio Optimization Strategy & Risk Alignment
  12. Personalized Investment Recommendations
  13. Medicare & Healthcare Planning
  14. Long-Term Care Planning
  15. Estate Planning

As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF) Mark Timmick operates exclusivley with your best interests in mind at all times, so rest assured there is never a sales agenda or decision pressure in anything we do. We are a people-focused firm that values trust, integrity and deep long-term personal relationships above all else.

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