Our Purpose

To Grow and Nurture Purpose-Driven Relationships
that Help People Attain their Most Important Goals & Dreams,
and Guides them to Creating a Secure Financial Future
so they can Live More Happy, Fulfilling & Meaningful Lives!


At Timmick Financial Group we are passionate about retirement wealth management and how, when done correctly, it inspires confidence and leads to a life of joy and fulfillment. Our drive to be a catalyst of personal and financial success has led us to create a firm that delivers the benefits of creative, disciplined finanical planning and wealth management. We help turn questions and information into effective strategy and empowering confidence.

Our Firm is dedicated to continuously earning your trust every day and to enhancing the quality of your life. Our goal-based approach to financial planning and wealth management brings clear focus and purpose into everything we do. We help our clients remove the constraints of financial stress and worry, so they can focus on their own special purpose in life.

Our Clients are people who realize that good financial planning can mean the difference between just getting by and living well. They also understand that better outcomes can be achieved by engaging professional guidance. But most importantly, they realize that their time is better spent enjoying the things they love in life and pursuing their own unique vision of happiness!  

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