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Our Financial Planning & Wealth Management services begin and end with a deeply personal relationships we share with our clients. Through a goals-focused approach, we organize our relationship around a shared mission and purpose, one that is uniquely yours.

Every client has a detailed plan, and every recommendation and service we provide has one primary purpose – to help you advance an important personal goal. Your objectives allow us to design a strategy and construct a portfolio tailored to meet your specific needs, considering the purpose, timing, liquidity needs, and your personal tolerance for risk.

Our Client Relationships are Characterized by the Following:

Most would say "transparency" means something like "see through". Financial transparency means providing information that is timely, meaningful, accessible, understandable, complete and reliable as it relates to fees, expenses, risks, rewards, pros & cons, and conflicts of interest. It also means not intentionally hiding anything. It means being honest about performance, even when it is subpar, and about missteps, even if they are unflattering. Our commitment to transparency is an important element of our culture and a standard operating practice.
Because we are accountable, we take ownership for results. We understand that accountable people put effort into figuring out what’s working and what’s not, and make adjustments when it isn’t. We are successful because we are diligent with research, studiously market-aware, and always poised to adapt to the ever-changing economic environment. We not only care, but we take care. Accountability is not a one-time thing; it's an all-the-time thing. We believe accountability is one of the biggest differentiators between success and failure.
Putting your interests first, always, at the expense of our own, is the hallmark of our Fiduciary approach to Wealth Management. Our mandate as investment fiduciaries calls for complete dedication to optimal portfolio management, without compromise. This is such an important topic we’ve dedicated an entire page on our site to it. Visit Our Fiduciary Role page for a more complete description of this important topic.
Results-Focused portfolio management consisting of the following:
  1. Disciplined Process
  2. Proven Strategy
  3. Diligent Research
  4. Individualized Portfolios
  5. Diversified Assets
  6. Best-of-Class Investments
  7. Optimized Rebalancing
  8. Adaptive Portfolio Management
  9. Low-Cost Trading
  10. Benchmarked Performance
Ensuring that the economic incentives of you and your advisor are aligned is an important element of successful financial outcomes. As a Fee-Based portfolio manager, our compensation is linked directly to the growth of your portfolio. When you do better, we do better. In this way our interests are mutually aligned toward our client's goals of both growing and protecting their wealth.
We believe you should know exactly what you have, why you have it, and how it works. We work diligently to ensure you have the knowledge and information to know how your portfolio is being managed, and most importantly, where you stand in relation to progress against your plan and goals. Accessibility to your advisor, regular in-person meetings, and consistent client communications are all critical in the success of a strong client/advisor relationship.

We pride ourselves on thought leadership and proactive portfolio positioning for today’s ever evolving economic, political and investment landscape.

As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF), Our team operates only with your best interests in mind at all times, so rest assured there is never a sales agenda or decision pressure in anything we do. We are a people-focused firm that values trust, integrity and deep personal relationships above all else.

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