Our Values

At Timmick Financial Group we strive, every day, to adhere to the following values which serve as the foundation of our culture:

Honesty & Candor
There is too much at stake to leave any financial matter ambiguous. We are committed to communicating in an honest and straightforward manner so you can fully understand and participate in the process. We expect our clients to be open and honest with us as well; as this will help in finding optimal solutions for your financial situation.

We are committed to both personal and professional growth, as individuals and as a firm. Our commitment to advancing our capabilities demands that we never stop learning, do our own analysis, study other opinions, seek out product and strategy innovations, monitor trends, and share knowledge with like-minded independent advisors.

Protecting your personal information and what you share with us is essential to maintaining confidence and trust. We strive every day to provide clients the utmost in confidentiality and protection of the personal and financial information they share with us.

We believe that everyone seeks financial freedom: freedom from dependence on others, freedom to do what you like, and freedom to live a life you love. Our services are built around helping people acquire the resources and position themselves correctly to live a life of financial freedom and independence.

Integrity means remaining steadfast, undeterred and undivided in our focus on doing the right thing by our clients in every situation and matter at hand. Integrity means always putting our client’s interest first, and it means we will recommend for you exactly the same thing we would recommend for a close friend or family member who had the same circumstances.

We strive to see through the noise of news and the clutter of information to find the best approaches and creative strategies to optimize results and more reliably achieve your most cherished goals and dreams. We believe you pay us to have wisdom and insight well beyond what is generally available and we seek to live up to this calling with our focus on solid research and analysis.

Our clients expect us to know where we are going and how to get there. They expect us to lead the way, to make the tough calls, and to be convicted in our approach.

Clients expect us to know how to get things done using all the tools, strategies, information and resources available. No one can know it all though. Therefore clients also expect that when we don't know the answer, we have efficient, effective and resourceful ways of finding out. Clients expect that we fully engage in professional organizations and utilize our network of seasoned industry professionals to collaborate on solving problems and sharing market analysis.

Market conditions may fluctuate, but the quality of our service cannot. Our customers rightly expect to consistently receive a high level of personalized service. Our entire team is committed to providing a truly rewarding client experience.

In adhering scrupulously to our values, we endeavor to earn the trust of our clients daily in everything we do. A client must trust that their advisor is on their side and giving fair, balanced and unbiased advice. Responsibly managing what is entrusted to our care is taken seriously. We pride ourselves on establishing relationships that are characterized by confidence and trust that we will do the right thing, give it to you straight, and always put your interests first.

Giving Back
We believe in an attitude of gratitude for what we’ve been given in life. As an organization we strive to find opportunities to give back in meaningful ways to the people and communities we are blessed to serve. For our clients who wish to give in theor way, we offer guidance on the most effective ways of doing so.