Complimentary Get-To-Know-Us Meeting


Our complimentary Get-To-Know-Us Meeting is a relaxed conversation simply to get to know each other, to get your personal questions answered, to explore our services, and to evaluate your comfort level in potentially working together. This meeting always takes place in a friendly, professional, and pressure-free setting.

  • Discuss Your Planning Needs and Goals
  • Get All Your Questions Answered
  • Discover Who We Are and What We Represent
  • Determine If Our Perspectives and Philosophies Are a Good Fit
  • See If Our Personalities and Values Are a Good Match
  • Explore How We Might Best Serve Your Needs & Goals
  • Discuss Costs and Fees that Might Apply for Our Services
  • You will meet one-on-one with Mark Timmick
  • Our office is located in Columbia, MD
  • Due to Covid-19 safeguards, all Get-To-Know-Us meetings are currently conducted by video conference
  • There is no cost associated with spending this time together
  • There is absolutely no expectation or obligation from you
  • There will be no pressure to commit to anything
  • Your needs and interests will drive the agenda for the discussion

We are a people-focused firm that values trust, integrity and deep, long-term personal relationships with our clients, above all else. As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF), your personal goals and interests are always put first.

We very much look forward to meeting with you and seeing how we can help!

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