Pension Decision Analysis

The decisions you make on your Pension are irreversible and therefore require careful consideration before you make your elections.

  • Corporate Pension Specialists
  • Federal Pension Experts: FERS & CSRS
  • State & Local Government Pensions
  • Police, Firefighter & Teacher Pensions
  1. Should You Take the Payments or Lump-Sum?
  2. Which Payment Option is Right for You?
  3. When Should You Start Payments?
  4. How Do You Best Protect Payments for Your Spouse?
  5. Can You Count on Your Pension Payments?
  6. What Are the Tax Considerations for Each Option?*
  7. How Do You Integrate a Pension Into An Overall Retirement Plan?

Let us help guide you to the best decision possible for your individual circumstances. Mark Timmick is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF) so you can count on unbiased, professional advice.

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