Life Insurance Assessment

Life Insurance can play a crucial role in protecting your loved ones, enhancing your wealth and maximizing your estate. Their are many potential uses and strategies that can help you achieve important financial planning goals and objectives.

Our complimentary Life Insurance Assessment will help you optimize your use of life insurance.

  1. Should I have life insurance?
  2. Do I need life insurance when I am in retirement?
  3. Could life insurance help with estate planning and taxes?
  4. If I need life insurance, do I have appropriate levels of coverage?
  5. Am I using the right type of policy for my goals?
  6. Is Term Life, Whole Life or Universal Life better for my situation?
  7. Should my life insurance be held in a Trust?
  8. What other potential uses of life insurance should I consider?
  9. Can I reduce how much I am currently paying in premiums?
  10. Should I drop my existing life insurance policy?
  11. Should I replace my existing policy with a different type?
  12. When can I safely stop paying premiums on my cash-value policy?

Let us help you make good decisions in the context of an overall retirement plan, and optimal estate and wealth-protection strategy.

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